Who is Find Me A Loan Today?

Operating in the US, Find Me A Loan Today are a short term credit broker, helping people find loans of between $500 and $5,000. Such loans are intended to cover unexpected costs, and can be applied for online, using just about any device. 

Find Me A Loan Today ensure that all the direct lenders they work with are reputable and follow all state and federal guidelines when it comes to responsible lending. This does not mean that borrowers need to have a high credit score to apply, however, as many of the lenders in Find Me A Loan Today’s network offer bad credit loans. 

Our Partnership With Find Me A Loan Today

In terms of the technology outlined in this prospectus, Find Me A Loan Today use our automated application decision engines, along with the online multi-page application.

With the former, such decision engines mean that people who request a loan with Find Me A Loan Today won’t have to wait long for a decision - they should be presented with a suitable lender or other financial options within minutes.

In terms of the online multi-page application, Find Me A Loan Today have streamlined their loan application process, by splitting this into six sections, each of which is simple to complete. By using the systems provided by Pineapple Technology, they have been able to make adjustments to this application form without needing to rely on expensive technical interventions or resources.