Who is My Financial Broker?

My Financial Broker are a UK based short term loan broker, who help customers find loans of between £100 and £2,000. Working with over one hundred direct lenders, My Financial Broker will check whether a customer meets the basic lending criteria of the loan providers in their panel, and do their best to match the customer with the most suitable lender. 

As many of the lenders in My Financial Broker’s network specialise in loans for bad credit, borrowers don’t need a perfect credit score to apply. 

Our Partnership With My Financial Broker

My Financial Broker work closely with Pineapple Technology, and use our services for both the online application and the automated application decision engines. This allows them to offer a straightforward and simple loan application and provide near instant loan decisions on screen.

Due to the fact that our services can be customised to suit your needs, My Financial Broker have been able to make several changes to their application form, when they realised that it could be made more efficient and streamlined.

Experimenting with multi page forms and a single continuous form, My Financial Broker in the end opted for the latter, as they found this appealed to their customer base more. 

In terms of the automated application decision engine Pineapple Technology have provided, this means that My Financial Broker can use specified algorithms to connect borrowers with lenders.