Who is PiggyBank?

PiggyBank were a short term lender, who provided simple and transparent payday and instalment loans between £100 and £1500. The repayments could be made as a lump sum or through weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.

PiggyBank provided an online solution for customers looking to cover an unforeseen circumstance, like an emergency bill or car repair.

Our Partnership With PiggyBank

PiggyBank operated using all of the technology outlined in this prospectus, including:

  • The online multi-page application
  • The automated application decision engines
  • The credit risk scorecards
  • The open banking platform
  • The CRM system
  • The E-comms and caselisting systems.

By utilising the products and services offered, PiggyBank were able to run a lean operation that allowed for and supported the desired flexibility and appetite for risk.

The systems implemented by Pineapple Technology meant that PiggyBank were able to make quick and fundamental operational changes with minimal notice or reliance on large technical interventions and resources, which can prove costly in other businesses.

This technology, configured to their individual business needs, provided PiggyBank with an edge within the highly competitive High Cost Short Term Credit market.