The Approach

Systems and products are designed and engineered in a generic and abstracted way to create online financial websites and services that have the flexibility desired when looking for products that work with and compliment your business’ specific needs.

This has allowed our systems and platforms to be compatible with multiple loan vertices, including (but not limited to) short term lending, instalment lending, conventional unsecured lending, guarantor lending and even peer-to-peer lending.

The systems have been created with automation in mind, to reduce the need for physicals taff. Applications and loan decisioning are done online and in real time.

Depending on your business’ level of automation, appetite for risk and reviewing process, the products and services are flexible enough to allow steps of the application and loan decisioning to be rearranged or moved to a manual underwriting framework at the desired stage(s).

The following elements are completely customisable:

  • Loan terms
  • APR calculation
  • Standard credit check
  • Anti fraud profiling
  • Payment providers
  • Amount to lend
  • Affordability service
  • Real time credit check
  • Score carding
  • Money collected allocation

The Development Approach

When setting out the architectural vision for the a lending platform, it was decided that, whenever possible, systems should be decoupled, reusable and be built against the most up to date and proven technology. This is necessary for business expansion and for clients to be able to expand, evolve and grow as seamlessly as possible.

Since inception, the technical team have ensured that when Software Development Kits (SDKs), Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) or technological conventions change, the systems are updated accordingly.

Microsoft .NET ecosystem adopting .NET Standard, .NET Framework, and .NET Core. Are utilised in the development approach.

Our Development Methodology

The application development process cycle is divided into multiple submodules, considered as mini-projects. Every submodule is assigned to an individual team/developer and subjected to the complete development cycle, right from designing to development, testing, and delivery.

These sub-projects are handled by different teams independently, with little-to-no dependencies on each other. Everyone has a clear idea of what their contribution will be and the associated resources and deadline, which accelerates the development process. Every developer puts their best efforts into completing their part in the mobile app development project, producing an outcome which is a more streamlined, and with a more timely delivery.

Agile, unlike the traditional app development models, does not test the app solely at the end of the development phase. Rather, it fosters testing of every single module at the primitive level. This reduces the risk of encountering a bug at the time of quality testing of the complete project. It also helps app developers to inspect the app elements at every stage of the development process and make adjustments as per the requirements of our client, eventually helping in delivering the highest quality of services.

The Agile app development approach (scrum) puts a strong emphasis on people and collaboration, which gives our development team the opportunity to work closely with our clients, to truly understand their vision. It also enables the team to determine very quickly if both parties are on the same page and, if not, allow them to make the required changes before proceeding further. This reduces the chance of launching an app that does not fulfill our client’s complete specifications, which furthermore ensures an enhanced customer experience.